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Drag Show


The drag shows at Murray are a tradition we started a few years ago, and have continued growing into the 2 most popular events of the year. Alliance hosts one show each semester. Proceeds from this past show went to benefit MSU Alliance and the Murray State University Women's Center.

Coming up in the Fall semester of 2007, get ready! The MSU Alliance will be presenting TWO shows for your entertainment! That's right, that means you will get to see all of your favorites twice a semester. Twice the Kravin McCrotch, twice the Annanecia Diamond D'Light,and twice the Jack Twist!!! The dates for the shows are September 6 and November 1, both in the Curris Center Large Ballroom.

Click on any picture or flyer below for a full-sized image.

Our tentative lineup for September's show is:

Miss Heartland Continental and Miss Dv8 Newcomer
Miss Annanecia Diamond D'Leight

Mr. CTK 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
Owensboro's Sexy Hunk
Mr. Kravin McCrotch

The Baby Girl of The Cabaret
from The Cabaret Episode 2 in Nashville
Miss Christina Rae

Playing an Angel in the Dark
MSU's Glamorous Goddess
Miss Jody Shalane

The Revolution of Camp
Hardin, KY's Little Miss Sunshine
Miss Gypsy Red

The Bad Boy of Lizzo
Mr. Jack Twist

Paducah's Pink Princess

Page Under Construction
Cone Leaning Left
Pictures and Flyers to come soon!

Click here to check out the Drag Show Photo Album!

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Jason Goodrum, President

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