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AlLife: Alliance Life

Alliance is more than just advocacy and drag shows. Alliance is primarily an organization for support, fellowship, and friendship. AlLife is our showcase to that. On this page, you will find various pictures of the different activities that we do, in and out of our group meetings. We want to show you that life in the GLBT community is nothing to be afraid of, and that there are people that will not judge you, and most importantly, will become your friends for life!

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Fall 2007 Memories

This fall semester has definitely been one to remember. From just hanging out at Applebee's after a meeting, to working tables, throwing two dag shows, or even attending a major gala in Louisville, Alliance has most definitely had a semester that none of us will soon forget! Check out the pictures of the semester below!

Hangin out at Applebee's
L to R: Ronni McIntosh, Steven Taylor (Treasurer), Ashley Albin (Sergeant-At-Arms), Devin Jessup
What are you lookin at?
Jason Goodrum, President
Next to the first table... here we are again!
L to R: Alli Jones, Jason Goodrum (President), Chase Roberts, Todd Hill
Greetings from the KFA 3rd Annual Gala!
L to R: Brittany, Jody, Keeley, Anthony, and Alli
MSU Alliance & Kentucky Fairness Alliance
Partners in Fairness
Jason's Gourmet Strawberries
Jason Goodrum (President)
Murray State Alliance
Celebrating 10 Years of True Diversity at Murray State

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The Gay Days of Summer!

Below are some pictures showcasing what our various members did over the summer. while you were out, we were either hard at work, play, or just sleeping away the semester's worries.

Fancy Farm Picnic 2007
Anthony Jones, Alliance Secretary; Rep. Mary Lou Marzian (D-Louisville); Jody Cofer, KFA Chair

Workin Hard for the money!
The Alliance Display for the upcoming show. Jason Goodrum, President; Anthony Jones, Secretary

Alliance at the Racer Extravaganza
Row 1: Jason, Anthony Row 2: James, Steven

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CTK 2007

This past Spring, many members of Alliance traveled to The University of Louisville to attend Come Together Kentucky. CTK is a conference for the leadership and members of all the GSAs in Kentucky to meet, learn, interact, and plan. Check out the pictures from the trip!

Cone Leaning Left
Section Under Construction

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Pictures from MSU President Dr. Randy Dunn's visit to a meeting in the Spring of 2007.

(L to R) Dr. Dunn, James, Chase, Kristi, Alli, Andy, Devin

(L to R) Steven, Dr. Dunn, Kristi, James

(L to R) Dr. Dunn, James

(L to R) Stephanie and Jason

(L to R) Jason, Steven, Devin, Kristi, Dr. Dunn, Chase, Alli, and Andy

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